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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about LLOYD's. Please let us know if you have any further questions on how we can serve you better.

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Sales FAQ's

  • Q. How and why do you sell major national brands for less than the MSRP?
  • A. We offer discounted prices because we can. Unlike other retail stores, LLOYD's is a successful service business, so we do not solely rely on sales profits to maintain our business.
  • Q. How can you deliver and assemble for no charge when other companies are charging $75-$150?
  • A. We deliver and assemble for free because we believe it's fair; if you choose to bring your business to us, we do not believe in asking you for more money to get your purchase to you at an added expense.
  • Q. What is the advantage of having a service expert (as opposed to a "delivery man") assemble equipment?
  • A. Safety and proper function are extremely important when having fitness equipment assembled. Your equipment will be expertly packed, transported, assembled, and tested by a service expert who understands the consequences (personal injury and/or equipment failure) when fitness equipment is assembled improperly. Exercise equipment that is assembled improperly can end up costing the customer unnecessary expenses.
  • Q. I live outside the Daytona Beach area. Do I still get FREE delivery and FREE assembly?
  • A. In most cases, YES. It depends if there is the same product dealer in your area. Call for details.
  • Q. What happens if I need service on something I buy from LLOYD's?
  • A. Let us know, and we will handle it. We are the authorized service provider for everything we sell. If your item is out of warranty, we will still make sure you get top-notch service at a fair price.
  • Q. Why do you encourage your customers to shop around?
  • A. So they fully understand the level of savings and service they will get with us.
  • Q. What is the advantage of buying from an established service provider like LLOYD's?
  • A. The only products* we offer are products we believe in. Believing in a product means trusting its construction, warranty, customer service, and track record. We have the experience our clients rely on when they need help choosing their equipment. We educate our customers, empowering them to make the right choice for their needs and expectations, even if we lose the sale. From our brand selection to delivery and assembly of a purchase, our extensive service knowledge always benefits our clients. (* New products.)
  • Q. Does used equipment carry a warranty of any kind?
  • A. Yes. Purchases on used equipment will include a warranty through LLOYD's, not the manufacturer. The terms of the warranty depend on each individual unit.
  • Q. Do you offer personal training or home instruction on using exercise equipment?
  • A. Yes; we do have reliable references available upon request.
  • Q. Are there any other benefits purchasing from LLOYD's?
  • A. Yes. For new treadmill purchases, we will match the manufacturer's parts warranty with a labor warranty if the unit is serviced once a year (by us). For example, a Landice treadmill has a LIFETIME parts warranty from the manufacturer, so as long as the unit is serviced annually, LLOYD's will honor a LIFETIME labor warranty! (Please note, warranties vary by manufacturer.)

Service FAQ's

  • Q. What kind of expense is associated with a service call?
  • A. There is a one-time diagnostic charge plus the cost of labor and parts (if necessary). The diagnostic charge covers an in-house service visit and troubleshooting to pin-point your unit's malfunction. An estimate is provided if parts and/or labor is recommended. Call for pricing.
  • Q. Is labor billed by the hour or by the job?
  • A. By the job. Because our repair experts are very good--and efficient--at what they do, we do not charge hourly. Our prices are more than fair, and the job will be done correctly.
  • Q. Is it true that exercise equipment should be serviced periodically, even if nothing is broken?
  • A. Yes, most exercise equipment will benefit from regular maintenance. Especially with treadmills and multi-gym systems, faulty conditions can be treated before they result in costly repairs or unsafe conditions. LLOYD's does provide preventive maintenance customized for your needs.
  • Q. Will LLOYD's assemble products that were purchased elsewhere?
  • A. Certainly. We will make sure your fitness equipment is assembled properly and functions as it was designed. Call for a quote.
  • Q. If I live outside of Daytona Beach, do I pay more for a service call?
  • A. Our extended areas pay only $10 more than our local service visits.
  • Q. If I pay for a trip charge and evaluation and decide I want to purchase something new from LLOYD's instead of repairing my unit, do I lose the money I spent on the trip/diagnostic charge?
  • A. No. LLOYD's will apply the charge toward your purchase.
  • Q. What kind of warranty does LLOYD's offer on their repairs?
  • A. 90 days to cover a recurrence of the same issue.
  • Q. I already have my part from the manufacturer. Do I have to pay the diagnostic fee plus labor to have the part installed by LLOYD's?
  • A. No. We can quote you a flat rate to cover travel and labor based on the job. (Please note that if any additional labor or diagnosis occurs in order to complete the repair, you will have to pay for the diagnosis. This happens when the manufacturer makes an incorrect diagnosis, when one part failed because of another defective part, or when there are other significant problems with the unit about which you were unaware.)

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.